What is J-Say?

In the last decade or so we have seen a boom in assistive technology and what computers and software can do to enable those with disabilities to get as much out of technology as possible. For those who don’t or can’t type there are pieces of software such as Dragon, as dictation software, and for those who have little to no useful sight there are products like JAWS, which can locate all the text on your screen and read it back to you. Doing both at the same time however has never been simple. That is where J-Say comes in.


What is J-Say? 

J-Say is a piece of software that allows a Windows PC user to control their computer by voice alone. As we have already shown there is existing software to cover one aspect or another but J-Say is the software that pulls speech to text, and screen reading software together so that they can form a cohesive workable unit. Simply put, with J-Say you can talk to your computer and it can talk back to you.


How does it work? 

J-Say essentially acts as ‘middleware’, or as a bridge between two pieces of software. Dragon, created by Nuance, is the speech recognition software that allows you to dictate into your computer and control it with spoken commands, whilst JAWS is the software that enables screen reading, as well as braille display support. J-Say integrates JAWS and Dragon and provides the user with a single, user friendly interface that allows you to control not only both pieces of software by voice, but practically your whole computer. The user has the benefit of both voice navigation and auditory feedback in a clear manner.


Can’t you use JAWS and Dragon without J-Say? 

The creators of J-Say encourage users to try and use JAWS and Dragon together without J-Say, but as they found out, it will be a frustrating experience. Without J-Say the two products are not integrated and you have less control. You would have two separate interfaces with two sets of controls and multiple voices reading back the screen. It would be an all round more frustrating and timely experience, not to mention the fact that J-Say has some exclusive applications of it’s own.


So what are some of these exclusive features? 

With J-Say you can use natural language commands to control JAWS such as ‘Be Quiet’ to instantly silence the speech synthesiser, or ‘Talk Faster’, and ‘Talk Slower’ to change the speech rate. You can also control your braille display by voice, rather than having to memorise different key combinations. You can quickly search sites such as Google, Wikipedia, Amazon and YouTube etc. You can dictate into a portable recorder and have the audio transcribed as text with J-Say’s audio transcription support. J-Say Configuration Wizard also allows you to take control of all of the products special functions without having to memories large numbers of commands.