TextHelp Read&Write Perpetual: Discontinued

Regrettably, TextHelp have announced that the Read&Write perpetual licence will be discontinued at the end of September. As of 1st October this version of the software will no longer be available for purchase, as Read&Write will be available on a subscription basis only (as either a 12 month or our 3 year Access to Work option).


The 3 year subscription comes with many new advantages. These include:

  • A new easier to use tool bar
  • Support from TextHelp across the full term of the licence
  • Grammar checking tool CheckIt
  • Compatibility with any and all platforms, whether that’s PC or Mac, Android or IOS

The subscription also keeps you up to date with automatic updates installed as and when they come out, so that your software is never out of date.

For users who are unable to have a subscription based version, permenant versions of similar Text to Speech software, such as Claroread, are still available.