Sparsh Shah: Changing ‘Impossible’ to ‘I’m Possible’

Sparsh Shah is far from your average 14 year old. Rather than being consumed only by school, friends and homework like most kids his age, the New Jersey teenager already has an established career in music and public speaking, having created 13 songs, sung in Madison Square Gardens, and has given numerous talks and interviews, including a Ted Talk. This is an extremely impressive history, especially seeing as, at birth, Sparsh’s parents were told their boy only had one or two days to live.

Sparsh was born with a genetic condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta. This is a condition which makes his bones extremely fragile and brittle, and thus susceptible to breakages. Sparsh describes them as being as fragile and easy to break as glass. He was born with over 35 breaks and fractures and was immediately rushed to the paediatric intensive care unit where his parents waited to see if he would survive. Over his life he has had over 130 fractures to date and has undergone numerous operations to insert metal rods and screws into his bones in an attempt to make them stronger.

Far from holding Sparsh back, his struggles have spurred him on to show people that rather than dwelling on ‘sob stories’ as he says, we should put our energy into getting the most out of life and finding our passions. For Sparsh that has always been music. He knew from a young age that his dream was to perform on stage, specifically to perform in front of 1 billion people. At the age of 14 he has done 45 performances, covered an Eminem song that has had millions of views and created 13 original songs. He is attempting to pioneer a new genre of music, combining Indian music with clean rap. Sparsh is proving that we are all capable of turning ‘impossible’ into ‘I’m possible’.