Being Safe In a Post Covid Office

As the way out of lockdown progresses and businesses are starting to open back up, it is important to think about how to ensure safety in the office in a precariously post Covid office environment. It is important to remember that whilst lockdown is ending, this does not mean we are entirely out of the woods yet. Caution must still be observed by everyone in order to prevent another lockdown. This means ensuring that we make spaces safe for multiple people to be in. Work spaces and offices will be one of the most prevalent areas that we must consider how to make safe as people start slowly to stop working from home.

With this in mind, here are four ways you can help to ensure that the office is safe for your employees to return to work.


Ensure your colleagues and employees are aware of the safety measures that you have put in place around the office. You can use posters, email alerts, leaflets etc to ensure that your colleagues and employees are aware of the full safety measures that you have put in place around the office. Ensure they know where sanitising stations are, if there is PPE in the office such as disposable masks they can use, and what your social distancing guidelines are. The more aware everyone is of the guidelines the easier it is for them to be followed.

Consider how you are getting to work 

The government advice at present is to avoid public transport if you can, as the less people you come into contact with the less chance of the virus spreading. The advice at the moment is to walk, cycle, or drive yourself to and from work. If you are unable to avoid public transport, another option is to carpool with a colleague. However, for those who do have to take public transport it is important to remember to wear a mask, carry hand sanitiser with you and keep socially distanced when travelling, so as not to risk carrying the virus to your place of work.

Social distancing at work 

When at work, it is important to remain two metres away from your colleagues as much as is possible, and wear a mask or a face visor. You can even put up plexiglass between desks or cubicles, to ensure that particles are not transmitted between people as they sit at their desks. Bubble schedules are also effective, as you can put employees in small ‘bubbles’ so that the same people work at the same time together, reducing the risk of spread further.

Clean and sanitise work areas 

You should have a personal hand sanitiser on you, either in a desk draw or a pocket or bag. Ensure that you use this after touching door handles, windows, communal kettles etc, or other places that it is common for germs to gather. It is also important to sanitise and wipe down your desk regularly, taking special care to clean your keyboard and mouse, as these are places were germs often gather, though people often do not realise this.