ProAccess Moves to USB

As of 1st August, we moved to supplying ProAccess 15 on a USB stick as our standard as opposed to disks.

The price will remain as of our standard ProAccess package at £232.00 + VAT (as opposed to our previous £255.00 + VAT for the USB version).

A vast number of clients this year have requested their software on a USB stick and as such, to remain as accessible as possible, we are bringing about this change. Within the ProAccess 15 package, you will receive:

  • A full version of Dragon Professional Individual software on a USB stick
  • An additional set of custom commands for use within Dragon
  • A monaural or binaural noise cancelling headset (Plantronics C310 or Sennheiser PC8)
  • Remote installation assistance where required

The disk version is still available for purchase and is available to view by clicking here.