Nick Vujicic: A life without limbs

There is no doubt that Nick Vujicic is an incredible man. The 35 year old Australian has travelled the world as a motivational speaker, met with numerous world leaders, written 8 books, and even written and produced a song, and starred in a short film entitled The Butterfly Circus. What’s more, he has done all this without arms or legs.

Nick was born in Melbourne in 1982. Despite a normal pregnancy and three sonograms that failed to pick up any abnormalities, he was born without arms or legs. Nick just has one small foot attached to his left hip, helping him balance, walk, and pick up things. As many children do, Nick experienced bullying from a very young age, though for him it was almost unbearable. By the age of 10 he felt so lonely and so depressed that he attempted suicide. He credits his faith in God for his renewed outlook on life and for his strength.

As he grew up and entered high school Nick made an unlikely friend in his school’s janitor. He remembers one day the man saying to him with surety that he believed Nick was going to become a public speaker. Despite not believing him at the time, at the age of 21 Nick found the janitor’s words to be true. Fresh out of education Nick had already started to cultivate a career as a public speaker. He began by cold calling schools until one of them invited him to speak. Though it was only for five minutes in front of 10 people, it was a start. The next morning he received a call. A school had asked him to speak, but this time it was for 20 minutes and it would be to an audience of 500 students.

Thus his career was launched. Since then he has been invited to speak by c. 35,000 people at their events. Nick is an entrepreneur and has used this platform to raise awareness for disabled people, travelling the world to speak to everyone from businesses, to schools, to prisons, to churches. He has met with 17 world leaders and managed to convince 10 governments to change the laws in their societies about integrating disabled children into the mainstream education system.

Nick wants to inspire people to be brave. He states that “Fear will cripple you more than lack of arms and legs” and wants people to have the courage to get up and create something. As well as his charitable work and public speaking Nick does this by leading by example. He has never let his lack of limbs stop him from doing anything. Nick is a self confessed adrenaline junkie; he has developed a love of swimming, and has learnt to surf and has even been skydiving, though now that he is a father he says he most likely won’t be doing that again in a hurry! Nick is also an accomplished artist, using the toes on his foot to draw and paint. Nick states that life begins and ends with hope, and with believing in one’s self. He is certainly leading by example in his mission to inspire people to be the best and most fearless version of themselves.