New Product: Texthelp Read&Write – Access to Work License

Read&Write Access to Work is a 3 year subscription which gives customers access to any and all platform variants of Read&Write within a single license, giving access to a common user experience and functionality, and simple user authentication to sign in.

This new version has a new sleek design which has been specifically designed for the Access to Work market and allows users to get up and running right away. This new license now includes access to all software updates, new features, security updates and technical compatibilities meaning users are future proofed for anything and everything that crops up!


New with Read&Write Access to Work;

  • New easy-to-use toolbar makes documents, files and web pages even more accessible
  • License includes full technical support across the entire license term
  • Read&Write will be FULLY compatible with mainstream platforms (Microsoft, Google) during the term of the license meaning as they update so will Read&Write
  • Coming soon: Read&Write’s new grammar checking tool – CheckIt


To view the product listing and to check the system requirements, please click here.


Don’t forget Texthelp Read&Write is packed with the following features:

  • Reads web pages, emails and documents aloud in a natural voice
  • Converts documents into MP3 files for easy listening – wherever and whenever
  • Helps reinforce understanding of unfamiliar words through audio and picture dictionaries
  • Reduces errors, with dyslexia-aware spell-checker and intuitive word prediction#
  • Scan from PDF to Microsoft Work and paper based to digital
  • Reads PDF documents aloud and lets you edit them too
  • Offers accessibility features like screen tint and masking, helping staff with disabilities like dyslexia and visual impairment