MyScript for Livescribe Alternative


MyScript, the creators of MyScript for Livescribe recently announced that the popular application has been discontinued with no replacement becoming available in its place. This means that any new orders for the Livescribe Smartpen Bundle will no longer include the software that converts handwritten notes into typed text on a PC.

The Livescribe bundle is still available but it will no longer include MyScript for Livescribe as part of the bundle. Included in the bundle you will still receive:

  • Livescribe Echo 2GB Smartpen
  • 4x A4 Notepads
  • Additional Ink
  • Echo Desktop Software

There is no like for like replacement available, so we have broken down the components of the Livescribe bundle to  identify alternatives to ensure peoples needs are still met.


Audio Notes

These are available with the Livescribe Echo Smartpen. It means you can take handwritten notes during a meeting and then replay the audio from the meeting using the special Livescribe notepads.

Please note that there is no audio function on the IRISNotes Air 3.


Handwriting Conversion

The Livescribe bundle used to convert notes to text using MyScript. As this has now been discontinued there is no function within the bundle to convert handwriting to written text however you can upload the audio files and images of your notes using the Echo Desktop software.

Please note that the IRISNotes Air 3 does have include handwriting conversion and will allow users to convert their handwritten notes to typed text.


The IRISNotes Air 3 is a fairly new product to our range and following on from the discontinuation of both th Epen Mobile Notes Pro 2 and now subsequently MyScript for Livescribe is the only available handwriting conversion kit that we offer. You can view the full product details here:

IRISNotes Air 3