Introducing: Olympus LS-P1

Introducing our new entry-level handheld voice recorder, The Olympus LS-P1.

The new Olympus LS-P1 delivers high-quality recording and excellent transcription with Dragon speech recognition software. The small, sleek and lightweight design is accompanied with an easy-to-use interface which makes it an ideal accompaniment with Dragon so you can transcribe your recordings that you have taken away from your desk. 

The LS-P1 only weighs 75 grams and can easily fit into a pocket. It features directional microphones which have an intelligent auto-mode to adjust its settings automatically to obtain the best quality of recording it possibly can. The LS-P1 also has an inbuilt USB connection which removes the need for a wire to transcribe through Dragon.

The battery life is an impressive 39 hours so would not need charging every day. This combined with an in-built memory of 4GB (around 123 hours) makes this a fantastic entry-level option.


  • 4GB In-built Memory
  • 39 Hour Battery Life
  • Directional Stereo Microphones
  • Lightweight (75 grams)
  • In-built USB Connection
  • Auto-mode
  • Voice Balancer
  • Noise Cancellation

The Olympus LS-P1 is available for puchase by clicking here