Hands Free Computing Statement on COVID-19


The health and wellbeing of our clients and staff are always our priority, particularly at the moment with the global outbreak of COVID-19. Each day, we are closely monitoring developments and statements from local, national and international health agencies, and we are taking action to comply with their directives and guidance.

We take this matter very seriously and will continue to proactively manage this situation. The health authorities have advised us that, to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, we must: wash hands frequently, heighten cleaning practices, avoid contact with sick people, stay away from work when ill and not travel to areas with high infection rates. All of our actions are focused in these areas.

As an organisation, we are taking the following steps with immediate effect:

  • All of our trainers and office staff have been provided with personal hand sanitisers and reminded about ensuring the utmost level of hygiene.
  • Offering our clients Remote Training Sessions in place of Face-to-Face training sessions.
  • If an employee appears to be suffering from flu-like symptoms, they will be asked to promptly seek medical attention and self-isolate until they are free of symptoms.
  • Providing our clients and staff information on how to protect themselves: Protective Measures


Business Continuity

Hands Free are fully prepared for the continuity of our services in case of remote working. In line with our company values, we always strive to provide excellent customer service and through our business continuity plan, we can continue to provide this service throughout our organisation through remote processes we have in place.

Over the course of the past two weeks, we have tested these processes to ensure as optimal a service as possible in the case of our entire office workforce needing to work remotely, the results of which superseded our expectations. As such, in this event, the organisation will be operating as normal.

If you have any questions regarding our processes during this time, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via info@hands-free.co.uk



What is Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is strain of a large family of Coronaviruses that has not been previously identified in human beings. Coronaviruses, as a group of viruses, are common across the world and are responsible for illnesses such as the common cold to more severe respiratory diseases. Coronaviruses are zoonotic which means that they can be transmitted between animals and people.

The NHS have issued guidance in relation to the known symptoms of Novel Coronavirus in human beings which include:

  • A cough
  • A high temperature
  • Fever & Tiredness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Muscle Pain

While these have been identified as common symptoms, having these symptoms does not necessarily mean that a person has the virus as they can be attributed to a number of other more common strains of Coronavirus such as common cold and flu. Early data has suggested that the majority of people with the virus will display mild-moderate symptoms which are similar to seasonal flu. There is however a risk that a minority of people with the virus can develop complications which will require immediate medical attention (early data suggesting that this risk increases amongst the elderly and people with underlying health risk conditions).



How do we keep up to date with recent developments?



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