COVID-19 Training Update

Following the outbreak of COVID-19 and the continual guidance of the government, we have been in constant review of the delivery of our assistive technology sessions which are now all being conducted remotely.

These sessions continue to help our clients get the most of out of their software during these unprecedented times and can be broken down into shorter sessions according to your needs.  We’ve been operating our remote sessions through several different online video conferencing solutions and these have  ensured that any technical issues can be addressed.

Recent government guidance has also advised that employees who are furloughed (had their employment temporarily suspended) can still undertake training sessions to enhance their skills and keep their minds stimulated during these tricky times.

Managing Director, Lawrence Howard, said “It’s great to see the government implement this and give clarity on the matter. If our training can assist with helping, both with productivity as well as keeping our client’s mental wellbeing as stimulated as possible, it really will resonate with the values I set out all those years ago when Hands-Free was founded.”

Further information on the governments communication can be viewed here –,10XTZ,7AIRCE,3WI3E,1#claim