Comedian With Cerebral Palsy wins Britain’s Got Talent

This year has been a roaring success for Britain’s Got Talent as per usual, but even more so for the exposure it has granted the disabled community. Though it is arguably one of the most visible sectors of society, it is grossly underrepresented in public media. This year Britain’s Got Talent shot two of the countries funny men into the limelight.

Right from the start both Robert White, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, and Lee Ridley, who has Cerebral Palsy, wowed the judges and audiences with their acts. Both men make use of self-deprecating humour to great effect, shining light on their conditions through the medium of comedy. Both White and Ridley are experienced comics, White having performed and won awards at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and Ridley being a popular face on the comedic circuit in New Castle. neither of them are afraid of stating the plane facts about the types of thing they have experienced in life due to their conditions, and the judges across the country have loved them for it.

Receiving standing ovations for their performances from their very first auditions, both men have continued to impress and have been tipped to win for a while now. To no one’s surprise, last night’s finale was won by Lee Ridley, also known as the Lost Voice Guy, with White taking second place. Ridley has proved that just because he hasn’t got a voice doesn’t mean he can’t make other’s laugh. Witty and clever, his routines show that cerebral palsy and being robbed of one’s ability to speak unassisted doesn’t have to relegate you to the sidelines if you dream of being in the public eye.  Second place was well deserved by White, who has proved that not all those with Asperger’s Syndrome are the common misconception of introverted recluses.