Business Disability Forum

As new members to the Business Disability Forum (BDF), Managing director, Lawrence Howard and Head of Operations, Theresa Pruvost attended their first BDF conference last Wednesday 20th April – Recruiting and Retaining Disabled Talent – at the Royal College of Nursing, London.

There were some really interesting speakers on the day including Justin Tomlinson MP, Parliamentary under Secretary Of State for Disabled People.

Theresa Pruvost saidBDF (2), “I particularly enjoyed listening to one of the key speakers, Anne Foster who is Head of Diversity and Inclusion at the House of Commons.  It was really interesting to hear from Anne how the House of Commons struggles to attract new talent because it is seen as an ‘old boys club’ and that people might think they won’t fit in if they are not interested in politics.  But there are all kinds of job available including pastry chef for example.”

Theresa continues, “Anne then went on to speak about how the Workplace Equality Networks (WENs) and the Diversity and Inclusion Team at the House of Commons have developed the Parliamentary Role Models Campaign 2015 to encourage people to engage with Parliament.

“Anyone at any level within the organisation can be a role model and the purpose is to champion the importance of having visible, diverse role models at all levels that people can be inspired by.”

Other keynote speakers included Claire Harvey, Paralympian and Diversity and Inclusion lead with KPMG as well as Henrietta Spalding, Head of Advocacy at Changing Faces an organisation that helps people who have a disfigurement find a way to live the life they want.

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