A New Vision

We will be attending the conferences ‘A New Vision’ in London on 20th October and Manchester on 1st December 2016.  Having provided ‘VisionVoiceDictate’ to In Practice surgeries for over 10 years as an InPS accredited provider, we will be delighted to discuss with you how VisionVoiceDictate works with the latest versions of Vision and how this will continue to be developed alongside Vision.

VisionVoiceDictate has been accredited by In Practice Systems for over 10 years to enable clinicians and clerical staff to dictate patient notes, referral letters and emails, directly into Vision or almost any other Microsoft product including Outlook and Word.  Tests at surgeries has shown that a typical GP will save over 30 minutes per day using VisionVoiceDictate that they currently spend typing.

Please drop us an email at  sales@hands-free.co.uk if you would like to arrange a time at either Manchester or London to discuss this further and try it out for yourself.