MindView 7 AT Edition

Towards the end of June, Matchware released version 7 of their renowned software, MindView.

MindView is an industry-leading mind mapping software and version 7 sees more than 25 improvements, enhancements and upgrades that ensure MindView still sets the standard when it comes to mind mapping.

Key Features: MV7

  • New Interface & Formatting
  • New Map Design Styles
  • Change Background Colour
  • New Project Management Baseline
  • Branch Connection Labels
  • Learn More…


Upgrades are available to MindView 7 AT Edition from both versions 5 and 6. For more information on purchasing an upgrade, contact us today.

Unfortunately we are now no longer able to supply version 6 of the MindView AT Edition software. If you have been recommended this on an Access to Work report then please get in touch with our Client Services Team today who will be able to advise on possible next steps.

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